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Factors to consider when hiring a family event venue.

“Family is not an important thing. It is everything.” Michael J. Fox.
As such, it is very important to think of your family today and every day after that. Do not let the worries of the world keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate them.
Family events are short for festive food, fun and games, loads of gifts and a time to have mad fun. But the question begs; where to hold the party? Looking for some of the great function venue spaces should be your next step and as I always say….. Hiring a venue is the best option.
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Well, you can have all the fun you want without worrying about staining your couch, having your favourite vase broken, or worse, losing important items. Money for instance.
To better experience these rare moments, it is best to hire venues that meet your requirements. However, there are some considerations to make before hiring.

1. Ambience

For a family gathering, the atmosphere should be cool and welcoming. Before hiring an event venue, consider the décor and architecture of the venue. What does the building interior convey? Is it in line with what you are looking for? Is it the best fit for your family? For a family event, you will need a different ambience than for a corporate event. The answers to these questions will help you settle for a venue that fits your family requirements.

2. Space

Space is essential when deciding on a venue and has a different meaning to people. You should know the number of guests i.e. family members you are expecting so as to choose the right capacity venue. One that is not too large or extra small either.
Regarding space, you should also put into consideration the amenities available. Do they have extra rooms where you can have entertainment for the adults? Is there enough space for kid’s nests and lofts? Beyond that ensure there is the following
Parking space- either a valet lot or parking venue. Venue with a lot is what dreams are made of. If the above options are not available, you can reserve nearby parking lots or have your family members use Uber for convenience.
Kitchen space- Some venues may have kitchen space while others use outside caterers or allow you to bring in your caterer. Ensure you understand which setup is used on the site before you settle.

3. Accessibility

This is the possibility that everyone i.e. the elderly, children, and disabled persons can access the venue and all its amenities. Ensure there are lifts, elevators or ramps to help in this. If this is not possible, then go for a place with very minimal stairs. Couple this with diaper changing stations in the bathrooms, for the relatives with young kids. For the elderly, go to a venue that is ADA compliant.

4. Flexible layout

Most venues are never a one size fits all. Some modifications are required for them to meet your requirements. Therefore, it is ideal to identify the flexibility of the venue. What type of furniture is available? Can I be moved around? Etc.
Well, as you can see there is a bit to consider before deciding on a venue for your wedding or any other family event. However, if you the venue meets the above requirements, then you are good to go.

5. Budget

Budgets are more of a bargain between the amount of money you have and how to make it enough for all your If you can manage to get a low-cost venue, you can leave more money to spend on food and other necessities.
Before you settle for a venue, ensure you have all the costs and charges outlined. Some venues charge for parking and electricity, and this might exceed your budget.

6. Location

When making considerations for a venue, always look at it from the other person’s perspective. How easy is it to locate the venue? Can google maps help in this endeavour? If this is not possible, then be ready to issue directions or print out simple maps to help your grandmother, uncles and cousins locate the venue with ease.

7. Acoustics

This is how sounds travel through a venue. Poor acoustics can result in the event being too loud which results in you straining as you try to hear what others are saying. A low ceiling venue will result in it being too loud while a large venue will result in reverberation. Echoes in short.
To solve this, make good use of outside space. Patios to be specific. You can also use acoustical clouds or canopies.

If there is a trick to finding the best venue, for a family event, share with us by leaving a comment below. Otherwise, help out a friend, by sharing the article.

Five Common Mistakes Women Make When Bra Shopping

shapewear and bras

You’ve heard of the phrase “a good man is hard to find,” yes? Let’s be honest – the same thing could be said about bras – a good one is hard to find! We’ve all been there — another cold, poorly-lit department store or another fancy shapewear store in Australia, yet we can’t find a bra we felt comfortable, confident and protected. There’s no doubt about it – bra shopping is just plain hard. Often, these shopping trips are fueled by anxiety and are not enjoyable experiences. We make a lot of mistakes when we’re looking for the one to protect our girls – and most of the times, we don’t even realise it! Avoiding these five common mistakes listed below though will make sure you’re on the path to success when you’re bra shopping, and come home with a great-fitting bra that you can conquer the world.

Wrong Band & Cup Size

The first mistake is the worst mistake you can make when you’re shopping for a bra. Getting fitted for your bra is the most critical step in the bra shopping process. Without knowing your proper fit in both your band size and your cup size, you’ll leave with a bra that leaves you in extreme discomfort, an awkward fit. Without knowing it, you’ve wasted your time, and you’ve failed yet another failed shopping trip. Here are a few tips for finding your right band and cup size – the most important part of bra shopping:

You’ll want to ensure the band is just tight enough to support your bust but not too tight to be uncomfortable. To measure your band, you can use any tape measure, though a fabric one would work best, and hold it parallel to the floor. Don’t hold your breath — that will skew the measurements. Stand tall, exhale, and measure around right below your breast line where a bra typically lies. Make sure your bra is comfortable when it’s on the tightest clasp option because it will stretch out over time. The band should never speed its way up your back, and you’ll want the band to remain level and straight across your back.

When it comes to the cup size, you don’t want any spillage out of the top of the bra or the sides of the bra. You want your entire breast to fit snuggly in the cup of the bra. To measure your cup size, take the same approach and measure

Thinking of Fashion First and Function Second

women wearing sports bra

Bras can be some of the most delicate, feminine and gorgeous pieces of clothing in a woman’s closet. And while every woman needs that unique, stunning bra in their lingerie wardrobe, you need to have a good selection of everyday bras in your wardrobe, too. When you’re bra shopping, keep these questions in mind:

What is your wardrobe? Do you have a lot of v-neck blouses that would require a lower plunge bra?

Do you prefer to layer comfy fabrics together? If so, you should consider a t-shirt bra.

What colours do you wear? If you stick to whites and light-colored neutrals, a red bra is not going to be functional in your closet. Before you buy the beautiful, bright bras make sure you have a good selection of everyday bras you can rotate.

Do you have a particular item that needs a little bit of va-va-voom? Then maybe a push-up bra suits your needs better than any other.

Remain true to yourself and your style, but make sure you’re making a possible purchase.

Not Caring for your Delicates

When you wear something multiple times a week, it’s easy to see how they will need a little bit of extra TLC when it comes to caring for it. For starters, you shouldn’t wear the same bra every day. You’ll need to give a chance for your bra to ‘rest’ on the off-days to protect its shape.
Unfortunately for most women, though, caring for their delicate can be just as fearful as shopping for them in the first place. Here are some tips for washing your bras, so they maintain their shape and lifetime:

Try to avoid the laundry machine and instead, wash them by hand in a basin or a sink. Gently launder the item in the basin. If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and you, have to use the washing machine, be sure to use the ‘delicate’ cycle and the coldest water temperature. Harsh cycles and warm water will make the bra deteriorate faster.

Use delicate-specific laundry detergent. These detergents are milder and better for more delicate fabrics like your bras and other undergarments.
Do not put them in the dryer – not even on a low heat setting! Always lay your bras flat to dry on a soft surface, like a towel.

Keeping a Bra for Too Long

blond woman in blue bra

Most women cycle through wardrobes pretty frequently but, for whatever reason, we tend to hold onto our bras for a long time. Even with the best care, you can probably only keep your bras for nine to twenty months. Bras are already delicate, to begin. Additionally, they are frequently worn, sometimes more than once a week, so proper replacement is essential.

Not Asking for Help

Yes – women can do it all, but sometimes you may need a little help! That’s why when it comes to bra fitting the best decision you can make is to enlist the help of an expert. Seriously, do it! Head to your local lingerie store or department store and ask for a fitting. Most are complimentary, and they will help you not only find the right band and cup size, but they will help you find the best bra in general for your support and your lifestyle.

Is shopping for bras challenging and intimidating? Yes – it can be, without a doubt. Knowledge is power, though, and arming yourself with the best information you can about how to fit, find, and care for a bra will make you a warrior in the lingerie aisles.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder & Why You Should Look For Psychologist?

sad person staring

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a kind of mental issue. It is a very complex and serious disorder. If individuals have this issue, they normally have difficulties in controlling their emotions. People with BPD tend to be extremely sensitive. Some changes like self-image, goals, and even your likes and dislikes will happen on them. Along with the bad emotions, they may begin to have self-injuring behaviours or even suicide attempts. It is recommended to have an appointment with psychologists if you suffer from below signs and symptoms.

Signs and symptoms

There are many different behaviours seen as signs and symptoms of BPD. TO easy diagnose yourself, mental health professors group the symptoms into nine major categories. If you got five of them or more, you might care about this issue.

1. Hate abandoned

People with BPD are often afraid of abandonment. This kind of behaviours can cause intense fear.

2. Unstable relationships

hurting with feelings

Those people who have BPD are sensitive about relationships. They may fall in love quickly and be disappointed quickly as well. Their relationships either seem perfect or horrible, which always go to two extremes.

3. Unclear self-image

People with BPD feel unstable about themselves. Sometimes they feel good about themselves, but sometimes they feel hate themselves or even bad. Have no clear idea about who they are and change jobs, friends, lovers, and values frequently.

4. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviours

When individuals have BPD, they may do some crazy and risky activities like spend large money they can’t afford, binge eat, overdo with drugs or alcohol and risky sex. Because they will feel better from these crazy behaviours.

5. Self-harm

When individuals have BPD, they may attempt to hurt them and always think about suicide.

6. Extreme emotional swings

It is a common expression of unstable emotions and moods. Little things will make they have a bad temper. Their motions would not last long, just a few minutes or few hours.

7. Chronic feelings of emptiness

They have a feeling about “I’m nothing” or “I’m nobody”. Then they will find something like food, drugs or sex to fill the hole on mental.

8. Explosive anger

They have trouble with intense anger and a short temper. Normally they may be angry at themselves, not other people.

9. Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality.

They may always can’t distinguish reality and unreality. Begin to lost getting touch with reality just like they are outside their own body.

What causes borderline personality disorder?

People with BPD has different brain compared with healthy people’s. Their brains are on high alert, which makes them feeling more scary and stressful. Many environmental and neurological factors also contribute to BPD. Some terrible things they suffered in their childhood and adolescent years have impacted on them including abuse from family, peer or other people, neglect from family for a long time, or trauma on the brain. This kind of factors could cause a person have BPD.

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